A Minecraft Charity Livestream Event

What is Love Tropics?

an event

Once per year, in October or November, Love Tropics, a 48 hour charity livestream event goes live!


Every year, on a new custom-built map specific to the cause, we host a custom modded Minecraft server, bringing together donors and content creators to play competitive minigames, participate in coordinated group builds. and spending the weekend learning and having fun. Click here to learn more about our minigames!


Content creators from all corners of the gaming community host the stream for 2-3 hour segments over the weekend. Click here for more info on how to watch and join the event!

a cause

We are meticulous in selecting which charity organization we work with every year. We do the difficult work of choosing a transparent, high-impact organization focused on an important cause that our viewers and donors may not know much about.

Beyond that, we have 3 criteria for organizations we partner with:

  • They focus on issues affecting people living in the Earth's tropics
  • They empower locals instead of assuming they know best
  • The cause fights climate change

a community


We are on Discord! Shocker, we know. While we invite people in to the Discord during the event, many people stick around during the off-season and chat about Minecraft, the tropics, and everything in between. We'd love to have you!

Love Weekends

For the past few summers, we have also hosted a chill stream series called Love Weekends, where we invite anyone to come and play with us every Saturday for a few hours. It started as a tradition to have something to look forward to while everyone was stuck inside during COVID-19, but has stuck around!

How can I join?


Step 1: Donate

Cumulative donations of $15 or more will get you an invite to our event server!

Step 2: Setup

If you donate $15 or more, you will receive an email with the server IP, info on how to get whitelisted and instructions for how to install the necessary mods (we provide instructions).

Step 3: Join

Aside from the server invite, you will also be invited to our Discord server, where you will receive instructions on how to authenticate your donation and receive access to our event voice channel!



During Love Tropics the website gets converted into a livestream viewing page. You will be able to donate, view the stream schedule, see what raffles are available, and so much more!


You can also watch the event on Twitch! You will also be able to donate via a link in the stream panel.


When we have an event, you will be able to donate on this page as soon as the event starts - don't forget to refresh when the time comes!

Donations for 2023 benefitted Sustainable Harvest International. To learn more about why we worked with them, read our supporting section!

Event Information


Our team has spent the last 7 years putting together a mix of fun, challenging, and competitive minigames using a combination of mods and datapacks. These games are a huge part of Love Tropics! You can find some of our favorites below (ignore the dates at the start of the videos ;)):

Survive the Tide

Our Battle Royale PvP/PvE set in a dystopian future where climate change has ravaged the world. We have 3 distinct maps to play on - and in each one, as the game progresses, you must move upwards ahead of the rising tide to remain alive. At the same time, you must also defend against other players who are hoping to be the last one standing. Who will you be when the tide rises?

Turtle Race

Who doesn't competing against random strangers in a fast-paced racing game? Turtle Race puts your skills to the test - on the back of a turtle! Compete against other players in an obstacle-filled yet oh-so-beautiful race course through the tropics!

2023: Who did we support?


Their Vision:

Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) is an environmental non-profit organization, preserving the environment by partnering with families to improve well-being through sustainable, regenerative farming.

Partnering with farming families in Central America, our programs have profound and cascading impacts on improving family nutrition, income diversification, regional food security, landscape restoration, carbon drawdown, and more.

SHI’s work contributes directly to many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, but the following resonate most directly with our mission:

  • No poverty,
  • Zero hunger,
  • Clean water and sanitation,
  • Climate action, and
  • Life on land.


Sustainable Harvest International's mission is to work together to create a just and sustainable world through transformative farmer training that nourishes communities and the Earth.


Sustainable Harvest International's vision is for people and the environment to thrive in a healthy balance.

Charity Info

Annual Reports

Annual Revenue (2021/22): US$1,736,095
Annual Expenses (2021/22): US$1,063,115
Program Expenses (2021/22): US$1,050,461


Our History


US$10,150 raised for Direct Relief

In September 2017, the category 5 hurricane "Maria" tore through Puerto Rico, leaving the entire island without electricity or running water. Relief efforts were slow and disorganized, leaving most of the island in desperate need for humanitarian aid. The Minecraft community, led by the Love Tropics team, came together in less than a month to organize the first ever Love Tropics event, raising money for the Direct Relief charity to bring water and first aid to the people of Puerto Rico.


US$35,327 raised for Team Rubicon

A year after Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria, much of the island had finally gotten their electricity and water back. The same could not be said for the roofs of their homes. The strong winds had knocked off the roofs off tens of thousands of homes across the island, and not many had the resources to afford a new one, let alone a tarp. For 2018, Love Tropics elected to support Team Rubicon's efforts on the island to help people get new roofs for their homes.


US$63,363 raised for Cool Earth

Climate Change is one of humanity's greatest threats in present time. It especially affects those in low-lying, rural areas like the world's tropics, which is why Love Tropics chose to partner with Cool Earth for 2019's event. Together with Cool Earth, Love Tropics helped fight deforestation in Papua New Guinea, which is facing increased deforestation due to poverty and increased pressure from palm plantations in the country. Love Tropics will work with Cool Earth to help these villages become more sustainable and self-sustaining so they don't have to sell off or give up their land when pressured.


US$47,279 raised for Oceana

Oceans are important to us as they are vast. They are home to most of the life on our planet and play a central role in the world's natural systems, while feeding hundreds of millions of people every day. Unfortunately, the oceans are in trouble — scientists report that the amount of fish caught from the oceans began declining — for the first time in recorded history — just a few decades ago. Fortunately, we know how to fix things. Science-based fishery management — which establishes science-based catch limits, reduces bycatch and protects habitat — is helping the oceans rebound and recover where it is established. Oceana is dedicated to advocating for science-based fishery management and restoring the world's oceans.


US$52,494 raised for Osa Conservation

Wetland ecosystems are some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet, home to innumerable species of plants and wildlife. In addition to supporting a vast array of flora and fauna, wetlands perform several important ecological and geological functions—they purify and filter water sources, control flooding, stabilize shorelines, store carbon, and provide protection from natural disasters. For 2021, Love Tropics wanted to bring attention to the climate, biodiversity, and community benefits of mangroves. We teamed up with Osa Conservation to fund a season of their restoration in the Osa Peninsula and educate viewers on the wonders of the wetlands.


US$24,324 raised for Project Seagrass

Seagrasses occupy 0.1% of the seafloor, yet are responsible for 11% of the organic carbon buried in the ocean. They form the basis of the world’s primary fishing grounds, supplying 20% of the world’s fisheries. The meadows provide vital nutrition for close to 3 billion people, and 50% of animal protein to 400 million people in the third world. However, seagrass meadows are being lost at a rate of 2 football pitches an hour. Project Seagrass is helping to reverse this trend through monitoring & restoring seagrass meadows. The money we raised during Love Tropics '22 will fund 8 partners in over 30 communities to protect, monitor, and restore seagrass in those areas.


US$24,688 raised for Sustainable Harvest International

More than half of the world’s tropical forests are already gone and we are losing the other half at the rate of one acre every second. 30-40% of that deforestation is the result of small scale farmers. Every day, subsistence farmers are unable to provide their families with the modest food and income they need to survive. Lacking access to formal education and unaware of any other way, farmers continue to rely on slash-and-burn agriculture. Because of this, Love Tropics decided to partner with Sustainable Harvest International for 2023 to help fund educational programs being ran in Santa Martha, Belize.


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